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Drips?Call  us today!Leaks?602-790-3293handyman fixing the plumbing under the kitchen sink

Do you need a Phoenix plumber to take care of annoying leaks and general plumbing repair? Handyman Greg Knutson has been a Phoenix Plumber for more than 20 years. Whether your need is for home maintenance or commercial repairs, Greg's services include the following:

Common plumbing quotation

"A good flush beats a full house" - Anonymous - (popular plumbing tagline for years)

GUYS: Are plumbing repair issues in your home on multiple Honey-do lists but you aren't giving them any attention? We know your secret: It's a little known fact that many men fear tackling even the most basic plumbing tasks, especially when toilet repair is involved. Face it - guys just don't want it to show fear of plumbing because they may feel it's a sign of weakness. Where does that fear come from? Well, we all know that the more trips we make to the hardware store the worse the leak will be, right? But you have an out: The smart husband will know when simply hiring a professional handyman for a couple hours makes a lot more sense than spending an entire weekend doing drain cleaning and snaking or trying to fix a toilet leak or constantly dripping kitchen plumbing.

LADIES: Wouldn't you rather have your husband playing with your kids or taking you out for a Saturday bike ride than making multiple trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, only to find that that elusive special part still  doesn't fit and the drip, drip, drip from the faucet or shower head is still there after the whole weekend is spent? If your guy just doesn't understand yet that some things are just better left to a professional handyman, maybe you could help him out by calling The Phoenix Handyman for those small jobs that are anything but that to your guy. Nobody can repair leaks like Greg Knutson!

All kidding aside, plumbing services are many times better left to someone with daily experience rather than "weekend home repair warriors" who mean well but still could create a situation where emergency services are needed after all. Here’s just one example: Toilet installation is one skill that - if done incorrectly - could cause many problems with the other systems in a home such as the electrical service, flooring and ceilings just to name a few. Don't delay, call property maintenance pro Greg Knutson today!

LANDLORDS: Bathroom maintenance is but one aspect of tenant improvement Greg can handle. Call today!  602-790-3293